Bali-Java Birding Tour

Papuan Pitta Birding Tours Birdwatching Australia

Bali Java Birding

This tour is a great introduction to birding in Indonesia. Safe, comfortable and reliable, this tour covers the well-known yet from a birding point of view under-explored islands of Bali and adjacent Java. These two areas boast a wide variety of birds, many of which are endemic to small regions.

We’ll take no time escaping the tourists in Bali and explore the rich diversity in habitats that both Bali and adjacent Java have to offer, within a relatively small area. From coastal lagoons, a haven for waterbirds, to savannah-like grasslands with some unique species, to some of the bird-richest rainforests on the planet both tropical in the lowlands as well cool-climate on the slopes of long-extinct volcanoes, covered in temperate rainforests, this tour covers them all.

Bali Java Birdwatching

Most importantly, you will be accompanied by an experienced Australian guide who has birded these Indonesian islands many times as well as worked with local people for years. Accompanied by a local guide and dedicated driver, the team will make sure that the tour runs smoothly and that all you need to worry about is enjoying the birds! As an added bonus, the area is rich in history, culture and spectacular wildlife.

This tour takes us to the coasts of Bali and Java, the interior hill forests of Bali and savannah woodlands, rainforests and extinct volcanoes on Java. We’ll stay at comfortable, quality accommodation with delightful meals to suit all taste-buds. Expect between 200-250 species in 12 days.

Featured Birds

  • Small Blue, Javan, Collared Kingfisher
  • Black-winged Starling, Bali Starling
  • Frigatebirds, Tropicbirds
  • Forktails, Ruddy Cuckoo-dove
  • Indonesian Honeyeater, Minivets
  • Black-thighed Falconet
  • Javan Pitta, Green Junglefowl
  • Grey-rumped, Whiskered Treeswift
  • Changeable Hawk-Eagle
  • Greater Flame-back, Malkohas
  • Asian Pied, Rhinoceros Hornbill
  • Javan Cochoa, Javan Trogon
  • Fire-tufted Barbet, Sunda Bulbul
  • Javan Whistling-thrush
  • and many more…!
Papuan Pitta Birding Tours Birdwatching Australia
Papuan Pitta Birding Tours Birdwatching Australia
Papuan Pitta Birding Tours Birdwatching Australia