The Oreoica Fund

Crested Bellbirds

Oreoica is the genus name of the Crested Bellbird after which our company has been named and our logo modelled. The Crested Bellbird is widespread in low numbers throughout the drier interior areas of Australia, particularly in dry woodlands from where its distinct call can be heard. Singing from an exposed perch, its bell-like call, with ventriloquial qualities, consists of two-three slow notes followed by two-three fast notes, and can unmistakably be heard from over half a kilometre away.

Taxonomically the Crested Bellbird has been placed in the Old World warbler family Oreoicidae, a “wastebasket taxon” used for birds of which the exact affinities are unknown. The aboriginal name, panpanpanella, is reflective of its cowbell-like voice, as is its early European name, dick-dick-the-devil.

Australian Wildlife & Bird Fund

A proportion of our profits will be donated to the Oreoica Fund, Bellbird’s environmental fund from where donations to worthwile bird research and conservation projects are made. Projects supported thus far include:

  • the Rainforest Trust
  • the African Bird Expo
  • the Orange-bellied Parrot recovery program
  • Kangaroo Island Wildlife & Koala rescue
  • Australian Red Cross disaster relief
  • Bio·R – a SA habitat restoration charity

Other projects we may be interested in supporting … Grasswren research, conservation of threatened habitats, and threatened bird monitoring … Contact us if you have a worthwhile project or initiative to discuss!