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Inbound Services for Bird Tour Companies

Partner with Bellbird Tours

We offer international bird tour companies the opportunity to partner with Bellbird Birding Tours for the ground delivery of your Australia, South-east Asia and Pacific birding tours. We are already partnering with bird tour companies from outside Australia to provide an all-inclusive birding experience to their clients. 

Birdwatching Services in Australia

We offer experienced services in:

  • Bird Guiding – our guides are some of Australia’s top birders.
  • Client Management – our testimonials speak for themselves.
  • Touring Logistics – we know from experience how long it takes to drive from A to B including birding time, and how long it takes to find the birds your clients want to see, and can design practical itineraries that have been tried & tested in the field.
  • Accommodation – we know the best places to stay during your birding tour, located close to the birding sites, where they serve early breakfast, late dinners, and we know which places to avoid.
  • Transportation – we know which vehicles work best for your specific tour, and can locate these for you.
  • Local Support – before, during and after your tour through our long-established local networks: peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

We offer you a fully customizable service incorporating any or all of these aspects, taking out the concern, hassle and uncertainty associated with arranging your tour, and reducing your cost burden at the same time!

Bellbird Tours Credentials

In Australia, Bellbird Birding Tours are the leaders in general and specialised birding experiences. We have Australia and its neighbours covered. We conduct tours for one, or we can accommodate groups of up to 15. We utilise only the best guides, transport and available accommodations. We can adjust any itinerary to suit your birding needs and we are also happy to design a custom tour from scratch for you.

Let Bellbird Birding Tours be the local deliverer of your valued clients’ next birding adventure.

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