Tropical Queensland

Birdwatching in Tropical Queensland

Tropical North Queenslandd is a major destination for national and international birdwatchers, with over half of Australia’s bird species occurring in here and there are no less than 13 endemics. There is a wide variety in habitats, such as coastal, riverine, wetland, woodland, lowland and upland rainforest, grassland and agricultural areas . The city of Cairns is the transport hub and tourism features heavily in the area. Taking day trips from Cairns and the nearby Atherton Tableland and the Daintree, expect over 200 species. The region has a tropical climate with distinct seasons: mild, pleasant temperatures and low rainfall during the the dry season, and warm, wet season between October – April.

Birdlife in Tropical Queensland

The region contains no less than 13 endemics. During the dry seaon, Brolga and Sarus Crane flock to agricultural fields in the Tablelands, while species such as White-eared Monarch is easier to find and Victoria’s Riflebird starts displaying. Bridled Honeyeater, Grey-headed Robin, Fernwren and Bower’s Shrike-thrush move from upland rainforest to to lower altitudes.

During the wet season, Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher, Oriental Cuckoo, Channel-billed Cuckoo, Eastern Koel and Metallic Starling are present, as are many more migratory shorebirds. This is also when local species such as Noisy Pitta and Golden Bowerbird breed and area easier to observe.