Dubai Area Short Birding Tour

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Dubai Birding Tour

This is a short tour of the ‘triangle’ part of the United Arab Emirates: the peninsula to the south-east and north-east of Dubai. The avifauna is an east-meets-west blend of Palearctic and Oriental species, amongst the latter being ubiquitous Purple Sunbirds, Red-wattled Lapwings, Little Green Bee-eaters and Grey Francolins. Add to all these possibilities the attraction of migrant or wintering species such as Grey Hypocolius, Hume’s Wheatears, White-throated Robin as well as Pallid Scops Owl, Pintail Snipe, Cream-coloured Courser, Great Knot, Crab Plover and many other species and you can see why the UAE is such a popular birding destination.

Birdwatching in Dubai

The topography of the peninsula contains large areas of sand and gravel desert, with high dunes inland and lower meandering dunes systems in the north and east (often with large shading ghaf trees) reaching the coast. The Hajar mountains are bounded to the west by a narrow acacia savannah on a down-washed gravel plain, while many wadis (valleys) warrant exploration, especially those supporting permanent freshwater pools. Inter-tidal areas abound, with many khors (blind tidal inlets) vital for migratory waterfowl.

The country is extremely modern, unrivalled in terms of security, free from health risks and with liberal attitudes towards visitors. The road network is of the highest standard, as is the quality of hotel accommodation. Join us on this exciting short tour!

IMPORTANT: Early Bird Discount not applicable to this tour.

Featured Birds

  • Purple Sunbirds, Red-wattled Lapwings,
  • Little Green Bee-eaters and Grey Francolins
  • Grey Hypocolius, Hume’s Wheatears
  • White-throated Robin, Pallid Scops Owl
  • Pintail Snipe, Cream-coloured Courser
  • Great Knot, Crab Plover